5 Ways to Kickstart Your Art – #2: See the Abstract!

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Tip #2: See the Abstract

We often get so focused on the subjects and objects in our painting that we forget to see the entire composition objectively. It can be very useful to learn to see our painting abstractly, as shapes or puddles of painting held together by similar colors, values, and saturation.

We See Abstractly:

Whether we realize it or not, we see the world abstractly and only "name" the objects and subjects that matter to us at the moment. When we're walking through a park, do we notice every dandelion and clover, or do they blend into a general "grass mass"? Do we notice all of the upper leaves of the tree, or is everything above our eye level categorized as "sky"? If we noticed every object and detail, we wouldn't be able to be anywhere more complicated than a white room without going crazy!

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Art – #1: Value is King!

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Tip #1: Value is King!

What is Value?

For the purpose of this blog, value is the lightness or darkness of any color on a scale from pure white to pure black. Some people will refer to it as tone, and you may see light and dark versions of a color referred to as tint and shade respectively, but we will simplify everything under the heading of value.

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