Autumn Equinox Reflections on Seasons & Creativity

After posting my blog on creativity (and struggles with finding or keeping it), I wanted to check in again and continue the theme on this first day of Autumn. (Read the first blog here: “2020 Hindsight”)

A huge piece of recovering my creativity in this past year and a half has been to reconnect with the natural world, especially the flow of the seasons.

Photograph from an October 2015 trip to Grand Tetons National Park

In our modern, artificially lit, air-conditioned life I think we tend to lose touch with the natural patterns of the year, of weather, of the sun, and how all of it affects the natural world around us. Modern conveniences are a definite benefit – I’m not throwing out my studio lights or my iPad – but as creative people I wonder if the disconnect from the world around us can also disconnect us from our creativity.

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