10 Ways to Kickstart Your Art – #5: Use the Tools to Your Advantage

In less than a week I will be holding my 5-Day “Kickstart Your Art: Oil Painting Bootcamp” here in Bozeman Montana and I will soon be launching an online version, so to lead up to both workshops I’m writing a 10-part blog series! (If you missed the previous blogs, catch up on the whole series here) These are ten of the things that have helped my own work the most, and that I see make the biggest improvements to my students’ work. The actual workshops will cover a lot more than these ten things of course, so join us in August or sign up for my workshop newsletter to learn more about my online class.

This Week: Use the Tools to Your Advantage

One of the things that can be overwhelming about oil painting in the beginning is the sheer volume of supplies that comes along with it. I'm a huge proponent of both starting small and simple, and also experimentation. I remember in the beginning being so afraid that I was using the "wrong" tool or using a tool the "wrong" way, but that can limit creativity so much! Painting is simply about getting paint from the palette onto a surface in an efficient way with a mark that excites you! That said, there's a few different ways to do that...
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New Painting Series: Whitetail Suite

I'm excited to finally debut this foursome of paintings! I first sketched out the idea for them in February 2016, and have been painting them on and off since last August. For a few years now I've wanted to do a series of paintings in the vein of an Art Nouveau series - especially those by Alphonse Mucha - where some aspect of nature is personified. Rather than using figures as Mucha would have done, I of course wanted to use animals. banner_web
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Holiday Giclee & Original Art Savings!

To kick off my new website and the launch of my online print sales, I'm offering a special savings from November 29, 2016 - January 1, 2017! The special prices will apply to both prints and originals, with select original paintings 10% off, original studies 15% off, and fine art prints 20% off.


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