Experimenting with Resin – Part 2: Resin and Gold

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Time for the resin!

Before I poured, I ran some masking tape along the edge with about 1/8" of the tape peeking over the edge. I didn't have the recommended ducting tape or sheathing tape, but I hoped it would keep the paper in place and stop the resin from running down the edge.

As I poured the resin, right away I could see that I had guessed right about how the paper would act under the resin. The hard geometric edges of the paper almost faded away, leaving a subtle layer of flat color and making the texture of the natural leaves and particles in the paper much more apparent.

Look at the paper under the resin and outside of the resin, completely different effect! Even the washi tape - which had "natural" colored areas - melded into the background nicely.
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