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As a painter, I spend a lot of time just experimenting and learning. Sometimes these experiments get refined into a finished painting. Other times during these painting sessions I end up with something a little rough but with a natural charm that I like enough to leave as is. Sometimes these are studies for a larger painting, or sometimes I’m working out an idea or learning something new. I love all of these studies and they are all so valuable to me (or, and I have learned so much from them), but over the years they’ve stacked up!

These ten studies are all from a little more than 5 years ago, when I was really experimenting with a wide range of subjects. I love them all, but they don’t fit with my current work anymore and so I will no longer be showing them. Before packing them away in the attic, I wanted to give them one more chance to go out into the world and make someone else happy!

I’m going to offer all 10 of these up for auction through Daily Paintworks* starting Monday, December 4th. The auction will last seven days and close the following Monday, December 11th at 3pm Mountain Time.

All studies are sold unframed, with free shipping inside of the US. For your reference, I’ve listed what they would have sold for when I first painted them, as well as the starting bid. Click on any image to go directly to the auction page for that study. Good luck and have fun!

8″ x 10″ Studies from 2009 – 2012:

2012 Study Retail: $525
Minimum/Starting Bid: $150

Click Image for Auction Link
Click Image for Auction Link
"Beau" Unframed Study

I love painting white animals because their lack of color becomes an abundance of color when light, shadow, and reflective color come into play. The fun, angular shapes of an egret were just frosting!
"Sun on the Water" Unframed Study

For this study I used only Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red Light. Limited palettes are always fun, and can help you push a lot of unexpected color in brown/gray animals.
Click Image for Auction Link
Click Image for Auction Link
"Manager's House" Unframed Study

This is a about a 100-year old brick house near the historical Story Mill in Bozeman, and I was pulled in by the way shadows played on the white details of the house. I used only Thalo Green, Cadmium Red Light, and Yellow Ochre for this one.
"Two Point" Unframed Study

It's probably not a secret that I love whitetail deer. I usually focus on the does, but this little buck was too cute, and a great excuse to play with the contrast between the cool shadows and frosted warmth of golden hour.
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Click Image for Auction Link
"Lake Hyalite" Unframed Study

In the summer landscape in Montana the sheer amount of green can be overwhelming, so I switched to a tonal palette to show the interesting shapes and layers of atmosphere in the scene.
"Haze" Unframed Study

This study was all about the effect of the atmosphere on the depth in the mountains, so I used a tonal purple/ochre palette to really focus on the values as the hills layered into sky.

9″ x 12″ Studies from 2009 – 2012:

2012 Study Retail: $595
Minimum/Starting Bid: $199

Click Image for Auction Link
Click Image for Auction Link
"Story Mill Study"

This flour mill on the outskirts of Bozeman is mostly a ruin, but is so full of fun and interesting shapes. When I do a landscape what I'm mostly doing is shape-hunting rather than painting a pretty scene, and industrial architecture makes it easy!
"Spencer Study"

My neighbor's dog had a great habit of laying out in the late afternoon sun where it would glow off his tawny coat and make all kinds of interesting-colored shadows and reflective light. Anytime I get to paint a light-colored animal it's all about how much color I can find!
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Click Image for Auction Link
"Misty Oak"

Again, landscape painting for me is mostly an exercise in fitting interesting visual puzzle-pieces together, and trees can be such perfect subjects. This was on an overcast day, which supported my other love in a landscape - atmosphere!
"The Cove"

This was a two-color study, using only orange and blue. It's a great exercise in a landscape that can seem daunting, reducing everything to such a narrow set of shades forces you to find interesting tones and really play with your warms and cools.


*Daily Paintworks hosts artists in a variety of mediums selling original art, and has an easy-to-use auction format. For more information, click here:

Through Daily Paintworks I accept PayPal and Check, and you don’t need to be a member to buy. If you would like to purchase any study for the “Buy it Now” Price but would prefer to purchase through me rather than Daily Paintworks, simply Email Me!

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