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Art of the Horse

5-Day Drawing & Painting Workshop

  Dates: September 30 - October 4, 2019 Time: 9am - 4pm, with 1-hour break for lunch (not provided) Location: Holiday Inn & Suites, Bozeman, Montana Media: Oil Painting & Drawing Media Skill Level: All Class Size: Limited to 8 Students


Horses have a long history as one of the most popular - even one of the first! - subjects of artists throughout time. But what makes a horse look like a horse, especially with so much variation in size and breed? How do you capture their graceful movement in a natural way? What colors do you use to paint so many different coat colors so they look glossy and realistic? And, what elements come together to depict solid strength and beauty, wildness and gentleness? Through this workshop we'll study drawing and gesture, movement and weight, color and expression - all in a fun, approachable format with a mix of studio work and live observation!

Class Format and Subjects:

We will begin by learning the basics of the horse, the anatomy and proportion and some specific tricks to get the whole animal to come together quickly. Rather than complicated measurements and drawing charts, we'll work with a framework skeleton and simple shapes to flesh the animal out quickly so we can capture gesture, pose, and lively movement! We'll also spend some time with a live horse to study important "landmarks" on the body and see how the main shapes interact and overlap. Most animal artists (including myself) work from photos, but observing and sketching from life will give your mind's eye a whole new perspective and bring life to your studio work. Finally, we'll spend time covering special issues in paint, such as how to show weight and volume, and how to capture the colors and textures of the horse. We'll also discuss photo references, an easy way to portray horses in perspective in a landscape, and some tips for painting different breeds and types of tack. Each day will be a combination of demonstration, in-class painting, and group review. As we work, I will challenge students at their skill level. If you are brand-new to horses, I'm excited to give you a strong foundation! If you've been painting then for a while, I would love to help you see the subject in a new way and breathe new life into your work. I will also cover important technical aspects of oil painting such as brush and knife handling, palette organization, and composition and design.

Location, Lunch & Lodging:

The workshop will be held in a ballroom at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in north Bozeman (near Costco). The hotel is right off of Interstate 90, and only 8 miles from the Yellowstone International Airport. Lunch is not provided, but there are several places to eat within walking distance and many, many more within a short drive. After signing up you will receive more information on nearby eateries, and I would be glad to answer any questions or offer suggestions if you are unfamiliar with the area!

Workshop Cost: $595

Workshop tuition can be paid all at once, or half now and half by September 2nd. You can register online by clicking the button below, with the option of paying either by credit card or check. If you have taken a workshop with myself or through Cobalt Moose with Terry Hall and I before, please contact me for an Alumni Discount!

About Instructor:

artistI have been teaching painting workshops for a decade, and am thrilled to share everything I've learned - including my own mistakes over the years - with my students. My method is to always start students with the broad fundamentals so that they leave feeling empowered to continue on their own and have a base to continue to build skills on. I believe in fostering each student's individual style and inclinations, and helping them to find the best working method according to their learning style and personality. I am fascinated by horses and I have been drawing and painting them for years! As a former figurative artist I have found it natural to translate all of my anatomical training to the equine figure. By starting with the basics and building on them, it's easy to translate the beauty of the horse into so many different styles of art, whether painting with full attention to detail or in expressive abstraction!